Dylan Thomas, co founder

Dylan Thomas, Photographer

Dylan Thomas is one of Britain’s foremost photographers of people and interiors. Having begun work as an assistant to the internationally famous Lord Snowdon, he now enjoys an outstanding reputation with notable clients for detailed and technically complex work, over a variety of visual media.

As an expert interpreter of light and shadow, Dylan is acutely sensitive to the environment around him and has a meticulous approach to composition. This enables him to capture individuals and places with a spontaneity that makes both appear authentic and entirely natural. His images possess a timeless quality that removes the subject, and the viewer, from the chaotic rush of daily life, if only for a moment.

His latest book Old Homes, New Life: The resurgence of the British country house is a collaboration with writer Clive Aslet, the role and meaning of the country house in the 21st century.

Dylan Thomas Photography is an award-winning photography studio offering a diverse range of skills and services. Dylan travels the world on behalf of the major publishing houses in the US and Europe and his industry-leading client base is a testament to the unique personal investment he makes in any project, no matter the scale. He works uncompromisingly under pressure with accuracy and flexibility, always with good humour and sensitivity. The team provides project management, logistical coordination, styling, location advice, bespoke collaborations and campaigns, distribution, syndication, post-production editing, directing and moving image. 

Dylan’s professional life is centred on London and his home county of Sussex, where he lives with his wife and three young children.

You can find more about him at www.dylan-thomas.com